Together with his future in Weatherfield threatened by, unscrupulous Phelan takes decisive action, but who definitely are within the firing line: Daniel? Vinny? Anna? And don’t forget forget daughter Nicola, who’s now asking troubling questions regarding her dad’s murky past.

You can view a 60-second rundown of next week’s instances of Coronation Street below

What exactly are his ideas when Nicola starts asking about his past?
Nicola’s been trawling back through Phelan’s history so, in a nutshell, she’s beginning to provide another picture to Pat than he’s of themself.  And when you are handling a narcissist, that’s always very hard.

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Could this function as the week that Phelan will get his revenge on individuals who’ve wronged him?
Yes – if he’s considering a substitute it should be just like a Smörgåsbord for him right now.

Pat takes revenge on next week’s Corrie

Pat Phelan will prove to add to his hostage collection in next week’s Coronation Street, while using chance to consider revenge on a single of his many opponents.

Just how much fun could it be playing a theif?
A present. I’ve absolute gratitude towards the authors, towards the storyliners and also to Kate Oate,s who give this person all of the room to move, to actually unfold as quite an remarkable character. I’m very proud to become available online for using the very illustrious listing of Corrie baddies because Pat Phelan is certainly one of these.

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