Believing that Aidan’s whole family understood about his fling, Avoi has convinced them to really make it a dual wedding, going to destroy their happiness too.

Coronation Street, from Monday, 7.30PM, ITV 

Thankfully, Catherine’s home existence is much more settled. The 33 years old resides in Manchester together with her fitness expert husband Tom Pitfield as well as their two-and-a-half years old boy Alfie. And she or he states, faced with similar dilemma as Avoi, she’s unsure how she’d react.

The wind is removed from Eva’s sails, however, whenever a contrite Aidan dramatically confesses his fling around the morning from the wedding. However the drama isn’t over, just for as Avoi walks in the aisle, getting told Aidan she still wants to go forward, Maria bursts in to the ceremony going to wreck it.

“And she’s almost convinced herself that she’s pregnant. There’s a couple of scenes where certainly one of her siblings goes, ‘But there’s no baby’ and she’s like, ‘Oh yeah.’

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