The county is hoping to hit a March 6 deadline for the June election, which would cause competing bond initiatives if the city was also planning on that timeline. Holding the bond initiative for the November election could compete with another potential $20 million bond for open space in the county.

White asked if the city was to pursue its own project, when would it put the bond initiative on the ballot?

Commissioner Steve White gave the go ahead to start the plans at a meeting Friday with county staff.

Gallatin County is looking to create its own plans for a new Law and Justice Center in case Bozeman decides to pursue another route and back out of a joint effort.

“But let’s face it: If we were going (out for the bond) in November, we would need as much as a jump start as we can get,” White said.

White said if the county had to proceed with this alternative, he was worried about how much time it would have to educate the voters on the initiative. The timeline the group discussed would give the county about a month.

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