ARCADIA, FLA — – People attempted to take advantage of federal assistance programs and earn some cash from people recovering after Hurricane Irma.

The Florida Department of kids and Families oversees the meals for Florida program.

Guilty parties selling their benefit cards is going to be responsible to pay back the money. They may also be in risk to be disqualified from public assistance programs forever. It’s also another degree legal for individuals buying and selling public assistance cards.

The Department of kids and Families attempts to make certain the cash would go to individuals who require it most.

A couple of from the ads provided to sell the rest of the balance on their own cards. A few of the Miami posts requested up to $700.

A spokesperson told 4 Working For You, “We take our obligation to become good stewards of taxpayers money seriously and we’ll investigate all cases of potential fraud.”

Individuals have placed ads on Craigslist to market their Food for Florida assistance cards. This program is made to help people return to their ft following the storm.

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