Based on ABC affliate KVII, the town of Panhandle had requested citizens to lower their water usage to ensure that firefighters could effectively fight the blaze.

Emergency teams continue to be answering a fiery train crash in Texas that happened today, inducing the derailment of multiple freight cars and billows of black smoke.

Evacuations have been purchased for that east side of Panhandle since the winds had moved, coming smoke toward homes and putting citizens in danger.

Faust stated four employees were active in the crash.

Carson County Sheriff Loren Brand stated there were a mystery quantity of injuries which one individual have been come to a healthcare facility. Brand stated teams still would never know exactly what the freight cars were transporting.

Based on Joe Faust, a spokesperson for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, a couple of its mixed-freight trains were active in the accident at 8:40 a.m. in Panhandle, Texas. Images in the scene demonstrated box cars burning and stacked atop one another.

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