Mr Shaver, 26, could be heard sobbing within the video because he begs police to not shoot and crawls for the officials.

Students ‘hide in classrooms’ as gunman kills two at US school

Because he makes his way for the officials he reaches towards the waistband of his shorts and Mr Brailsford opens fire, hitting him five occasions and killing him instantly.

Father-of-two Mr Shaver could be heard sobbing and pleading “do not kill me” before he’s shot five occasions by a police officer in La Quinta Hotel, Arizona.

Mr Brailsford told jurors he was afraid for that safety of officials along with a lady who within the hallway. Also, he stated he felt “incredibly sad” for Shaver.​

The recently-released footage continues to be met with outrage online, with lots of branding the encounter “disgusting”, “sick” and “horrifying”.

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