While Gaga has yet to reply to Woodmansey’s criticisms, she did tell NME following Jones’ tweet that his words hurt her, but she understood where he was originating from.

“overexcited or irrational, typically because of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm psychologically confused.” Damn it! What’s that word!?

Lady Gaga’s tribute towards the late David Bowie in the Grammy Awards had formerly seen the ire of Bowie’s boy Duncan Johnson, and today, Bowie’s former drummer Mick “Woody” Woodmansey is chiming in, too.

Woodmansey shared Jones’ sentiment, telling NME, “It only agreed to be, ‘Why are you currently doing the work?’ If there is a genuine sincere factor that you simply wanna do from respect, then you’d most likely accomplish it, but when there’s every other reason, it simply will get tacky.”

“I’m certain was difficult [for him] to look at not to mention, I known as lots of people on David’s team before I even begun doing that project,” she stated. “It’s unfortunate, so what can I only say? But God bless him, you realize?Inches

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