Despite the fact that, Mr Cameron is presently focusing on his memoirs which result from be printed the coming year.

Throughout his time as Pm, Mr Cameron made Alzheimer’s research important, doubling government funding for this.

“And you can see new floors being built onto these care homes for dementia patients only.

He ongoing: “A lot of people imagine, well, dementia it is simply part of ageing it is simply an all natural factor that occurs. It is not. Dementia is some signs and symptoms, cognitive impairment and losing your memory and all sorts of remainder of it. But it is brought on by illnesses from the brain.”

In The month of january he grew to become president of Alzheimer’s Research United kingdom.

DAVID Cameron has told how heartbreaking scenes at West Oxfordshire care homes fueled his existence-lengthy quest to locate a remedy for Alzheimer’s.

Now he’s wishing to carry on shaping policy together with his charitable organization role.

David Cameron meeting staff and residents at Freeland House care home in Witney as Pm.

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