When the Weinstein saga proves anything, it’s that women’s voices happen to be silenced in large and small methods for way too lengthy. Ladies have been alleging abuse as a result of Weinstein for many years. Incidents where visited law enforcement.

Meaning, for a lot of, no Twitter for any day.

Twitter suspended McGowan’s account all of a sudden Wednesday, saying she “violated the Twitter rules.”

“Ladies. Let us do that. #WomenBoycottTwitter,” Chrissy Teigen tweeted Thursday to her almost 8 million supporters. “Not due to hate speculate I really like this platform and know it may be better.”

March 8 would be a Day With no Lady. March 13 is really a day with no lady … on Twitter.

Difficult to say, but neither is suitable. And it is unlikely to alter its ways without loud, sustained public outcry.

Women (and many men — including actors Mark Ruffalo and John Cusack) vowed to boycott Twitter for just one day-to protest the social network’s suspension of actress Rose McGowan’s account.


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