The campaign encourages travelers, particularly women that are pregnant, to do something to avoid Zika.


Ladies who are pregnant or intending to conceive will find a lot of Zika here.

Dr. Rattay can also be reminding everybody to make use of Environmental protection agency-registered insect repellent, put on lengthy sleeves and pants, and employ barrier methods including condoms or dental dams when getting sexual intercourse with somebody that might be have contracted Zika.

Officials state that anybody planning for a trip within the summer time should educate on their own the virus’s dangers and the way to avoid the disease before leaving for the destination.

DELAWARE – The Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) is ongoing to help remind residents to defend themselves in the Zika virus with support from the statewide marketing campaign launched last May.

DPH Director Karyl Rattay states, “Through this campaign, we’re striving to help remind ladies who are pregnant or attempting to conceive, that Zika continues to be a significant ailment that shouldn’t be taken gently. Women that are pregnant as well as their partners should avoid visit places that Zika is located and everybody should safeguard themselves from bug bites.”

Officials state that bug bite avoidance strategies include:

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