A: There’s a typical perception among physicians that small delays in beginning treatment aren’t impactful on lengthy-term outcomes. However, our findings indicate that delays in beginning curative strategy to various early-stage cancers generally seem to be connected with worsened survival. It’s incumbent upon physicians, healthcare systems and insurers to lessen hurdles to gain access to, navigation and initiating treatment so patients have the perfect outcomes. – by Jennifer Southall

Median time for you to treatment initiation elevated considerably in that period, and patients who anxiously waited greater than 6 days to start treatment achieved shown considerably shorter survival.

A: Thing about this involves dealing with insurance providers and looking to get these to override a few of the prior authorization needs. Second, we have to get good at enhancing access to look after patients. Once people are within the system, we have to enable them to navigate the machine.

Q: What have you find?

Time between cancer treatment and diagnosis initiation elevated by 38% throughout a 10-year period, based on study results.

Khorana AA, et al. Abstract 6557. Presented at: ASCO Annual Meeting June 2-6, 2017 Chicago.

Q: How might physicians overcome these challenges to lessen time for you to treatment initiation?

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