It’s an chance to concentrate on what Brown calls Kaepernick’s true cause: protesting mistreatment and discrimination against people of color, especially as a result of police and also the justice system.

People of the national fraternity have plans for today’s Detroit Lions-Minnesota Vikings game at Ford Field, where they’ll stage a protest to aid their fellow fraternity brother, National football league quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“Just so people remember exactly what the cause is about,Inches Brown stated. “We need to have a system where there’s equal justice, and individuals are treated equally.”

Brown states President Trump’s ongoing attacks on National football league players who adopted Kaepernick’s lead have clouded the social problems that sparked his initial protests.

Brown states the September protest came an assorted reaction. As the group got a bit of negative catcalls as Detroit Police escorted them on the walk to Ford Field, he states many Lions fans were supportive and thanked the audience for being released.

“This isn’t about Colin Kaepernick’s career. It has not been about being disrespectful towards the flag, or just being unpatriotic,” Brown stated. “It was certainly never about politics.”

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