The DHS memorandum states the staffer, who isn’t recognized, also had sex with another client in the facility, a 17-year-old, whom she permitted to depart not being watched and take mood-modifying prescription medications. The customer had began treatment last March.

“DHS investigated these allegations at Northland Recovery Center and Northland has had numerous actions as a result of the maltreatment to stop this from happening again.”

Minnesota Department of Human Services Commissioner Emily Piper stated within an emailed statement that she’s “appalled that the health professional inside a treatment plan provides illegal chemicals to anybody undergoing treatment for chemical dependency, and interesting in sexual connection with these kids is extremely disturbing.

Based on court papers, last April Peterson allegedly gave drugs to some boy coupled with sex with him in the facility. She later assisted him leave the ability and meet at her apartment, where they mistreated drugs coupled with sex.

An analysis found an employee person in a condition-licensed adolescent medications center in Grand Rapids, Minn. had sex with two clients in the facility, and did drugs with a minumum of one of these.

Based on court public records, Peterson pleaded guilty to 1 count of third degree criminal sexual conduct, one count of third degree purchase of the controlled substance and something count of depriving another of custodial or parental legal rights. Four other charges were dropped. She’ll be sentenced on This summer 26.

In reaction, Northland Recovery Center stated it’s “going after video surveillance cameras for that common areas.” Additionally, it retrained staff and “provided ‘incident-specific’ mental health services for staff and clients,” who could stay for additional treatment at no cost due to what went down, based on DHS.

A criminal complaint filed in Itasca County Court identifies Melanie Lynn Peterson, 30, because the staff person.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services launched an analysis memorandum now concluding that two separate allegations of sexual abuse and neglect happened at Northland Recovery Center Adolescent Unit. It had investigated four allegations, but was not able arrive at a conclusion on a couple of them.

The DHS memorandum states the guidelines and methods at Northland Recovery Center Adolescent Unit are sufficient but weren’t adopted.

Several questions delivered to the DHS concerning the research weren’t clarified late Friday mid-day.

The staffer has become disqualified from positions that permit direct connection with youth at DHS-licensed facilities. The disqualification also is applicable to unlicensed personal care provider organizations. That determination could be become a huge hit.

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