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A lot of his finances have continued to be secret throughout the trial, but a cpa testified he claimed earnings in excess of $157 million in 2007, and $54 million in earnings the year after.

Regardless of the years that passed, the previous couple were not able to achieve funds outdoors court, therefore the situation visited trial this past year, with testimony revealing minute information regarding the Stephensons’ high-flying lifestyle.

Neither Richard Stephenson, 77, nor Alicia Stephenson, 52, was contained in court Wednesday. Alicia Stephenson’s attorney couldn’t immediately be arrived at, however a spokesperson for Richard released an announcement: “We’re happy with the court’s ruling today and believe this fair decision allows the parties to place this trouble to relax. Right from the start, we’ve searched for to create this private matter to some close and believe this decision does exactly that.Inch

The battle over finances has at occasions steamed over into acrimony in the court backward and forward camps. Richard Stephenson’s attorneys asserted Alicia Stephenson was just “along for that ride” throughout the marriage, didn’t lead financially and didn’t seek further education or employment within the years because the breakup.

Maintenance payments are frequently calculated to become compensated through the greater wage earner to help keep an ex-spouse within the lifestyle that they’re accustomed.

“I loved him,” she testified. “I still do. I am only searching to have an equitable settlement. I’m not a gold digger.”

The wedding was formally dissolved this past year, however the finances continued to be to become addressed.

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