But his usually stern-faced wife quipped that “maybe Trump is going to be next” after hearing this news that Anthony Scaramucci was out as White-colored House communications director.

Judge Drager stated the proceedings will concentrate on “valuation and allocation of assets” such as the ex-couple’s property holdings and sizable art collection.

The judge noted the trial would choose how to separate the couple’s “significant assets” — believed to become $2 billion.

Millionaire developer and periodic stand-up comedian Harry Macklowe is at no joking mood Monday like a judge told him to not expect special therapy at his approaching divorce trial.

Linda Macklowe, a Guggenheim Foundation trustee, declared divorce this past year after learning that her husband of 58 years was hiding a French mistress in a single of his apartments at 737 Park Ave.

But, she added, “There are lots of individuals that are waiting to become divorced and also to the level that the trial occupies court time that it means there just isn’t time available for the following situation.”

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