“I had recently been in the court all week coupled with to look at this man’s attorney bully, badger and harass my team including my mother over inane details and absurd minutiae, accusing them, and me, of laying,” Quick stated.

The previous radio host formerly told the AP he intended the gold coin to become a final jab in the “Look That Which You Helped Me Do” singer because the Sacagawea dollar includes a prominent female Native American.

Quick was named one of TIME‘s Person of the season, and made an appearance around the cover among the “Silence Breakers” for reporting in about her assault. Within the magazine story printed Wednesday, Quick stated she hadn’t received the dollar.

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Swift’s straightforward testimony was lauded by many people because of its strength. When she was requested why the photos she’d taken with Mueller throughout the assault hadn’t proven proof of wrongdoing, the singer simply stated, “Because my ass is situated at the rear of my body system.Inches

Mueller sued Quick claiming she falsely accused him of groping her. He searched for as much as $3 million in damages. When Quick countersued, a federal jury in Denver, Colorado, ruled in Swift’s favor.

The singer told the magazine within the interview that they was fed up with how court proceedings were going when she testified.

Radio stations deejay purchased to pay for a symbolic $1 to Taylor Quick after he groped her throughout a photo op stated he mailed her the cash a week ago.

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