But, for many Kansans, say Goossen and Rooker, the spending cuts went too much, particularly individuals to education, which made the cuts appear especially unfair.

Paul Solman:

The tax cuts set poorer schools back even more, schools like Wyandotte in Might. Because of so many non-British loudspeakers, the bathrooms are labeled in British, Spanish, Burmese, Nepalese and Hmong. 80 percent from the kids need support for supper.

That’s because Kansas schools are funded through both condition tax and native property taxes. Before the tax cuts entered effect, Kansas’ Top Court had ruled the state’s schools were unconstitutionally underfunded.

Jason Came teaches government. Came increased up and attended school nearby, came back after his B.A. at USC. He might make $5,000 annually more simply by teaching within the wealthier county nearby.

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