The Sun’s Rays on Sunday stated it’d now acquired a transcript of the telephone conversation by which Trump stated: “I haven’t had great coverage available recently, Theresa.”

His disapproval rating has risen five suggests 58% and 48% as a whole say they “disapprove strongly” of his presidency, based on a Washington Publish-ABC News poll.

Trump confirmed he still intended arrive at London as he met May a week ago in the G20 summit in Hamburg, while Downing Street has stated they’re working on dates.

Theresa May needed to stand alongside Lord Buckethead throughout their election.

The most recent scandal hitting Trump may be the latest revelations within the ongoing Russia saga.

However no date has yet been looking for the visit – which in fact had initially been likely to occur this season – prompting speculation that could be delayed until the coming year in the earliest.

Ratings as poor because this weren’t arrived at by Bill Clinton or Obama also it required George W. Plant until his troubled second term at work hitting similar figures.

Standing alongside Trump is much more embarrassing.

Repair it?

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