Pool report had Trump leaving golf course at 138 PM ET and arriving at Mar-a-Lago at 149 PM. Alert was posted at 109 ET and declared false by Gabbard at 119 & by Hawaii at 120 ET. https://t.co/KOi9mLu0ny

It’s not clear exactly when Trump learned of the alert, although presumably the president would be informed of any potential threat immediately.

Trump frequently criticized Barack Obama for golfing when he was in office, suggesting that he was neglecting his presidential duties.

Thank God the President was playing golf. pic.twitter.com/K7wPtsevGO

The people of Hawaiʻi should never have had to go through this. The people of America should not be faced with this threat right now. We need peace – not political bickering. We have to talk to North Korea and find a peaceful path to get rid of this nuclear threat.

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