“Look, right now they’re talking Olympics. It’s a start, it’s big start. If I weren’t involved they wouldn’t be talking at all right now,” Mr Trump said, but made clear his stance. Mr Kim “knows I’m not messing around. I’m not messing around. Not even a little bit, not even 1 per cent. He understands that,” he said.

At the beginning of his remarks, Mr Trump described having some “incredible meetings” with colleagues, saying the party was readying its 2018 legislative agenda.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told reporters at Camp David that Mr Trump did not seem angry about the book and on Friday night had watched a new film, The Greatest Showman about legendary circus promoter P T Barnum, with Republicans and his cabinet.

Mr Trump said: “We are very well prepared for the coming year.” He added that his administration ”finished very strong,” referring to the passing of a tax reform bill in December that marked the biggest overhaul of the tax code in nearly three decades.

Once beyond the issue of Mr Wolff during his news conference, Mr Trump opened up about a number of other topics. The President said he would “absolutely” be willing to talk on the phone to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and that he hopes a positive development results from talks between North Korea and South Korea.

Pyongyang agreed on Friday to hold official talks with South Korea next week, the first in more than two years, hours after Washington and Seoul delayed a military exercise amid a standoff over the Kim regime’s nuclear and missile programmes.

Early on Saturday, Mr Trump wrote a string of messages on Twitter where he rejected such claims, saying he was a “very stable genius” whose two greatest assets are his “mental stability and being, like, really smart”.

Talking about the issue on Saturday, Mr Trump said he would not sign such legislation – a priority for Democrats – unless Congress agrees to overhaul the legal immigration system.

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