The Secretary of State’s remarks come among a softening tone towards Britain from key European leaders including Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, who’ve also advised against any movement to punish the United kingdom. 

Speaking in The city, Mr Kerry stated he and Mr Obama desired to express their “respect for and the necessity to honor a election that was taken by individuals inside a democratic process”. 

“I think it’s worth noting that since World War Two we’ve been working many of us together on the introduction of a structure to have the ability to make our nations more powerful and also to have the ability to generate a good existence, advantages to our people. 

“It is my intention in furthering President Obama’s dedication to both EU and also the special relationship to complete all things in our capacity to get this to transitional process as sensible so that as smooth as possible. 

“But it is possible to make sure that we’re attempting to chart out a way for future years that really fortifies the EU and serves the interests and also the values which have introduced us together and us together even today.

“There is really a political decision regarding one country’s membership however that doesn’t affect the fundamental interests and also the values that we’re serving in government.” 

Mr Kerry, who’s president Barack Obama’s second-in-command, added that America “respects” the end result from the historic referendum and was adamant his country’s special exposure to Britain will endure because he addressed the ecu Commission this mid-day. 

“The interests and also the values which introduced us together to get results for a typical good are identical next election because they were before, even when politically people might have responded in a different way towards the situations they found themselves in. 

“So it’s now incumbent on leaders to apply the desire of those and to do this in a manner that is accountable, sensitive, thoughtful and, I really hope, proper. 

Around the stance America will require within the divorce process, he added: “The U . s . States will keep its special relationship and powerful exposure to The Uk. The Uk is really a P5 member [permanent person in the United nations Security Council], The Uk has lengthy were built with a special exposure to the U . s . States. 

“The interests and also the values that have u . s . us for this type of lengthy time period didn’t change at the time of this election. 

The United States Secretary of Condition slapped lower individuals wishing to create a good example of Britain for choosing Brexit, stating that the Men and women share “did not change” overnight. 

And that he made plain that America will require a really dim look at any make an effort to bring retribution towards the table at Britain’s exit talks, warning EU leaders to not lose their heads or “sarts dreaming up vengeful premises”. 

“Does which means that it doesn’t present difficulties? No, you will find challenges.

“Does which means that it had been with no impact? No, clearly it is not possible either since there are effects. 

Mr Kerry’s whistle stop tour of Europe is made to calm growing nerves within the future direction from the continent and also to signal both EU and Britain’s ongoing importance towards the US. 

He stated: “The election didn’t come view that President Barack Obama and that i yet others wished it would, but that’s democracy so we respect the legal rights from the voters so we respect the procedure. 

“So the most important thing is the fact that we stay focussed on individuals interests and remain focussed on individuals values.” 

Mr Kerry stressed the key role both Britain and also the EU have performed in marketing peace and democracy around the globe, and stated it had been in America’s interests for that two parties to keep partners. 

He’ll now fly to Westminster for talks with Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and David Cameron as political leaders start to formulte an answer towards the Brexit fallout. 

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