“Flour comes from a grain which comes from the area and frequently isn’t treated to kill bacteria.”

The Food and drug administration updated its guidelines followed an analysis into an episode of E.coli in 2016 which found flour is the cause.

The outbreak in 2016 caused a large number of people over the US to get sick as a result of strain of bacteria known as Shiga contaminant-producing E.coli O121.

The United States Fda ( Food and drug administration) has cautioned people not to eat raw cookie dough and cake mixture due to the chance of E.coli from flour.

But Leslie Smoot, a senior advisor for that Food and drug administration, told the BBC that flour by itself is another risk.

The United kingdom Food Standards Agency advises against eating raw dough “because it might not be safe”.

E.coli can cause abdominal cramps and diarrhoea, however many people recover inside a week.

Cooking flour kills bacteria that induce infections.

It’s not the very first time the Food and drug administration has released warnings about cookie dough and raw cake and batter mixtures. Formerly it cautioned individuals not to eat it because of the fact it contains raw egg which could cause salmonella.

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