[Graphic content warning] This video that shows an Sports utility vehicle crushing an infant girl while her mother checks her smartphone has sparked mourning and outrage on Chinese social networking, as people shame the mother for distraction and warn others of “the challenges of overusing smartphones.”

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Just like many local ordinances that subject everyday behavior to civil and criminal sanctions, Honolulu’s ‘distracted walking’ ordinance reveals residents—particularly destitute residents—to better petty harassment from police force. As Reason has covered formerly, jaywalking ordinances happen to be utilized by metropolitan areas before as a means of forcing destitute residents from downtown areas and attractions. Honolulu itself has involved in this sort of targeted enforcement under current mayor Kirk Caldwell’s “compassionate disruption” policy, providing tickets for from located on sidewalks to standing on beaches after hrs. “Tickets, tickets, tickets,” one Honolulu destitute lady told The Brand New You are able to Occasions in 2014, saying “The cops provide you with a ticket to help keep you moving. After which you spend check in for sleeping around the block. It will get for you.Inch

Honolula is just about the initial US city to ban texting while walking next door, reports Christian Britschgi for Reason. The mere act of “searching in direction of the screen of the mobile phoneInch can enable you to get a ticket between $15 to $99.

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