Searching to in a few days, the chances are we’ll see LEGO The Exorcist: The Pressure Awakens (Out June 28th) creating a push for the top charts because of the recognition from the series.

In most probability it’s likely we’ll see another unchanged top 4 with Warner Bros LEGO brick adventure arriving round the #4 place instead of Rocket League.

The shooter was carefully adopted by FIFA 16, which continues it’s week on week climb to the 2 place.

“A resurgent ‘Ratchet &amplifier Clank’(+18%) increases three places to No9. Outdoors the very best 10 ‘Minecraft: Xbox Edition’ (+17%) advantages of the discharge of the new favourites edition (corporation. 5 DLC packs) assisting to push up three places to No14,” claims the state website for that UKIE Games Charts.

Disaster has maintained it’s really no one in the United kingdom gaming chart for any second week running and possibly comes because of Bethesda’s E3 announcement to help make the first degree of the sport free.

Unknown 4 continues to be third while Overwatch has tucked to 4th within the charts, but both still continue their good run of form despite another sizable stop by sales.

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Having said that, regardless of the game being offered across multiple platforms – on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 Console, Xbox One and PC – it might be surprising to determine a comparatively untested new entry within the series toppling the kind of Unknown 4, Overwatch or Grand Thievery Auto 5.

The only real other noteable new addition each week saw Wii U exclusive ‘Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE’ debuting at No 18.

Rocket League was the large era each week, using the collector’s edition bundle from the game – which consists of all of the DLC alongside exclusive new automobiles – climbing to sixth just beneath the ever present Grand Thievery Auto 5.

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