“It’s within the interest of safety,” Brown stated. “And we’re not likely to cite somebody that’s available attempting to make themselves safe or alert others around the roadway.”

The same is true this suggest that you will get stopped for implementing your hazards? The reply is no.

There have been people driving slow and wearing their hazards.

From Monday to Friday, the rain stored arriving waves. This made driving difficult throughout the heavy lower flows.

So next time you are caught inside a storm, go ahead and take next exit ramp or find parking where one can pull over securely.

“You certainly shouldn’t be stopped along the side of the street,Inches Brown stated. “We know from previous crashes we’ve had here lately that that’s very harmful.”

“The law may be the law,” OSHP Sgt. Eric Brown stated. “The law states you aren’t permitted to possess flashing lights on an automobile.Inches

So with the thunderstorms we’ve had, where do you turn if you need to slow lower? Ends up, what the law states has special cases for tornados.

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