U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin met with physicians from the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Healthcare Center Thursday to listen to what challenges they face while taking care of the nearly 67,000 veterans and active-duty military women and men, combined with the groups of active-duty personnel.

Durbin also toured certain parts from the facility Thursday, and before he left he assured employees their frustration using the technology was of high priority.

Other conditions introduced up in the discussion was more training on policy and technique of individuals arriving from various areas either in the Veterans administration or DoD.

During Durbin’s visit, administration and staff recognized the initial facility because of its quality care, that they stated attracts patients from nationwide using its status. However they were forthcoming using its hurdles, too, that they referred to as mainly focusing on technology.

In June, U.S. Secretary of Veterans Matters David J. Shulkin announced that to enhance patient safety and care, the Veterans administration could be following a same Electronic Health Records (Electronic health record) system because the Dod.

“Rather, several measures were implemented that permit the 2 Electronic health record systems to ‘talk’ to one another, enabling Lovell to become a functional clinic without fully resolving the problems connected with operating two Electronic health record systems,” Ewart stated. “We expect to the potential of a brand new single Electronic health record that’ll be seamlessly integrated over the Veterans administration and also the (Dod).”

Durbin, D-Ill., spoken with managers and a number of doctors from a number of departments that incorporated geriatrics, pediatrics, radiology, family medicine, mental health insurance and primary care. All of them agreed that communication backward and forward departments’ technology systems occupies some time and presents hiccups in such things as billing.

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