What was filming your final scenes on set like?
My final scene to film on the actual set was just after he gave Kathy the necklace. He goes out to the Square and looks around because he thinks someone is watching him. I was worried I wasn’t going to see the market traders again. I respect them so much and wanted to have a last scene with them. I got to walk out through there, but that was also the hardest part of it. It was very emotional and they all gathered round me. It was difficult and with it being a look round the Square, I had to stop feeling like it was me looking round the Square to say goodbye, and it was Ben.

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Why he did leave without Jay?
He knows that Jay is happy where he is and Ben ultimately has to do this alone. Leaving Jay is one of the hardest things for him to do. They’re brothers. But he knows that he’ll always be there and he still loves him. It was hard for Ben, but he did it to protect him. What he’s doing is dangerous – they can be in contact once it’s all blown over.

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