Max Branning unleashed his anger by himself family in tonight’s EastEnders, letting them know he blamed them for waiting and not doing anything throughout his recent incarceration.

Expect Max to get more and more deranged within the run-as much as Christmas

Because the showdown descended into acrimony, Lauren says she still were built with a copy of Max’s business contract in her own possession, but would only allow her to father get it if he revealed the reality regarding his causes of hoodwinking his buddies and neighbours.

Thursday’s instalment – compiled by Simon Ashdown – saw the Branning women confront their father about his recent actions, however switch on one another when Lauren introduced up the topic of Abi’s pregnancy.

As Abi, Lauren and Jack finally saw the wrath which had continued to be hidden for such a long time, Max angrily accepted that his family – along with the likes of Ian and Phil – have been on his hit list since his release from prison. This evening’s final scene then saw a broken Max looking in to the bathroom mirror at their own reflection before mind-butting the glass.

After threatening to lose the documents, Lauren eventually handed it over, just for Max to then crumble and destroy anything before revealing that he’d been motivated by vengeance instead of money.

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