Musk is definitely an active Twitter user who may jump in to the Twitter conversations among Tesla customers and critics. This past year, the millionaire even involved in a short Twitter spat with Fortune (including blocking Fortune‘s primary Twitter account) over its reporting within the wake of the Tesla driver’s fatal crash and Musk’s publish-crash purchase of Tesla shares inside a public offering.

As a result of a tweet in the “Fortune Tech” Twitter account linking to Fortune’s news article about Muilenburg’s bold bet, Musk simply authored, “Do it.”

Muilenburg has built the same announcement previously, including this past year in a tech conference. However, Musk’s own very public ambitions not only to achieve Mars, but to colonize the Red Planet, appear to possess linked the celebrity billionaire’s name with the thought of Mars exploration within the public imagination. In October, Musk outlined the SpaceX technique for reaching Mars as well as his objective of settling large categories of people in the world within his vision of creating humans right into a “multiplanetary species.”

Musk believes that SpaceX could begin landing spaceships on Mars when 2022, while Muilenburg stated on Thursday’s that Boeing’s own next-gen rockets could be tested beginning in 2019.

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Here’s Musk’s tweet:

The Tesla and SpaceX Chief executive officer published challenging on Twitter after Boeing Chief executive officer Dennis Muilenburg stated on Thursday that his aerospace giant would transport the very first humans to Mars. “Eventually we’re likely to go Mars and that i firmly believe the very first person who sets feet on Mars can get there on the Boeing rocket,” Muilenburg told CNBC’s Jim Cramer today.

Elon Musk is daring Boeing to conquer him to Mars.

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