Emma’s sly boy was spotted in the scene of her dying determined her corpse – but nobody knows precisely what he saw. After being told police were on the murder search, he retrieved some products locked away in the spare room later revealed like a handbag, purse and make contact with that they put right into a fire – were they exactly the same accessories owned by Emma which have oddly gone missing? Was the suicide note within the bag? Did Ross kill his mother as revenge for his father, or perhaps is he covering for somebody?

Belief Dingle

Pete Barton

Cain Dingle

She required solutions from boy Cain regarding where he was at the time under consideration – but simply like Ross stated about Pete, possibly she’s being so inquisitive to another potential suspects because she knows much more about Emma’s dying than she’s prepared to let on?

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Emmerdale have confirmed Emma Barton was murdered, despite her dying initially being considered as suicide after her dramatic demise a week ago.

“Now this has turned into a murder investigation there’s plenty of figures to suggest the finger at, because Emma’s trodden on a lot of peoples’ toes within the village that there isn’t any lack of potential suspects.”

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