So what does Mr Meade envisage may happen within the “final times of our world as you may know it.”

The main thing on individuals pushing the disaster mongering is Christian numerologist David Meade who penned it Planet X — The 2017 Arrival.

Various alleged dates for any strike with Earth came and gone, because it is expected the October you will.

Speaking on Night Time within the Midlands, an american conspiracy theory radio show, Mr Meade stated initially after Planet X passes Earth, “tsunamis happens following the sea to increases from its basis because of polar shift.”

The caller requested what existence could be like in america at that time and just what happens after Planet X came.

“At that time the united states will most likely be split in two we’ll have observed tsunamis, volcanic eruptions from Yellowstone, fire falling in the sky with trails of smoke, most likely limited nuclear exchanges in that seven years.

He claims Planet X, or Nibiru, will pass Earth in October, causing great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions because of its gravitational pressure.

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