“Cashin’ In” will move on with substitute hosts.

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“The anonymous, uncorroborated claims are false and terribly unfair,” Michael Bowe, a lawyer who represents Bolling, told CNNMoney.

Around the talk show Bolling sits within the center, with co-hosts Eboni Johnson and Kat Timpf on each side of him, plus two visitors.

–CNNMoney’s Oliver Darcy led to this report.

Bolling’s attorney told Ali that “Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications, doesn’t believe he sent such communications, and can intensely pursue his legal remedies for just about any false and defamatory accusations which are made.”

Reports also started surfacing last fall more sexual harassment allegations appeared to be targeted at longtime star Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly consistently denied the allegations, but was eventually fired in the network.

The HuffPost reporter who broke the storyline, Yashar Ali, stated he labored onto it for 3 several weeks and arrived at “14 sources interior and exterior and Fox Business.”

Bolling’s attorney stated he denies the claims.

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