Specialists at France’s air accident analysis agency, the BEA, will endeavour to wash and repair the boxes after which send it well to Egypt for analysis, BEA spokesperson Sebastien Barthe stated.

EgyptAir Flight 804, an Airbus A320 on the way from Paris to Cairo, condemned in to the Mediterranean on May 19. The reason behind the crash remains unclear. The aircraft pilots made no distress call with no group has stated to possess introduced lower the aircraft.

Inside a statement released late Monday, the Egyptian analysis committee stated the flight data recorder continues to be fully fixed.

Prosecutor’s office spokesperson Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre stated the inquiry was released being an accident analysis, not really a terrorism analysis. She stated French government bodies are “not whatsoever” favoring the idea the plane was downed deliberately, although the status from the inquiry may ultimately change if evidence emerges to that particular effect.

Search teams have retrieved its two flight recorders, however they endured damage and Egyptian detectives were not able to download information in the black boxes. The recorders’ memory cards showed up Monday in Paris, Egyptian detectives stated.

Detectives made the decision to begin the probe before waiting to evaluate the plane’s flight data and voice recorders, according to evidence collected to date, she stated, without elaborating.

“There’s no evidence that supports or rules out the possible situations of the items caused the crash, including whether it’s a terrorist act or technical problems,” he stated.

Maggie Michael in Egypt led for this report.


The Egyptian analysis committee manages giving your final report, but France may also investigate since the plane was made by France-based Airbus and French people were among individuals wiped out.

An Egyptian official in the secretary of state for civil aviation stated Egyptian government bodies weren’t notified from the French prosecutor’s decision which all situations remain up for grabs.

PARIS — French government bodies opened up a wrongful death inquiry Monday in to the May crash of the EgyptAir plane that wiped out 66 people, saying there’s no evidence to date to link it to terrorism.

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