Sim cards states the ex-offenders works during, what he states, are high-crime occasions each week on nights between Thursday and Sunday.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – An old felon is trying to prevent crime in Tallahassee via a special program designed towards saving taxpayers money and keep ex-offenders from the roads.

Stanley Sim cards began a course known as Difficulty Employment for Low-earnings People or help three several weeks ago, putting ex-offenders to operate, washing and detailing city vehicles.

Sim cards states you will find countless former felons in the region who can use a hands to find work and them from making choices that will place them in jail. To date, only three people are members of this program, focusing on 11 vehicles, but sim cards states he wants the town to produce a social partnership to financially expand this program.

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Ex-offender works to prevent crime in Tallahassee

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