Experts warn residents and visitors not feel complacent about contracting herpes.

Information from: The Miami Herald, http://world wide

There’s no vaccine or strategy to herpes, which could also spread through sexual contact. Florida medical officials have reported 384 women that are pregnant who tested positive for Zika since The month of january 2016, with nine delivering kids with Zika-related birth defects.

“As years pass, more and more people are born right into a population plus they haven’t experienced Zika, and thus they are likely to introduce susceptibility in to the population,” Cummings stated. “Some period of time from now, individuals susceptible populations will rise where you’d have adequate figures after which maybe we’d do this once again.Inch

“The threat remains,Inch Walke stated. “It has not vanished. It won’t disappear in the near future.Inch

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