“Britny was a sports athlete as well as an A/B recognition roll student, hard worker and friend. Whether it became of Britny, it may happen to anybody,” stated Britny’s father, Stephen Puryear. “We’re still worried about increasing the law to assist more victims.”

Britny Puryear was shot and wiped out in 2014 by her live-in boyfriend, Logan McLean, following a four-year abusive relationship.

The Puryears are glad what the law states named after their daughter is going to work, however, they stated they’re still wishing to enhance it in order to help much more victims later on.

McLean pleaded guilty and it is now serving a 32-year prison sentence for second-degree murder, but Puryear’s parents were wishing for any first-degree murder conviction, so that they required action.

Amily McCool, the legal and policy director for that New York Coalition Against Domestic Violence, stated she did some investigation and located legislation in Minnesota in which a domestic violence homicide could be billed as first-degree murder.

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