I’m going into pick up expecting a noticable difference in Ibaka’s figures overall. His shooting ability is going to be absolutely key with Elfrid Payton running the purpose, and pairing him with Vucevic within the frontcourt provides the Magic two big men that can spread the ground expect much more Ibaka rolls towards the rim this year. That will work out very nicely for his Fantasy value, particularly in Rotisserie leagues. I expect a large bounceback season from Ibaka in Orlando.

The Thunder got more youthful and much more flexible, and also the Magic’s assortment of talent begins to fit together better, making the entire rebuild make a little more sense. This can be a trade with no apparent champion at this time, also it perform out for sides, but there are several apparent those who win and nonwinners for Fantasy reasons. Let us have a look.

The Special Moment were going to need to come to a decision sooner or later, with neither Oladipo nor Payton searching just like a sure-fire lengthy-term keeper, they chosen the man who’s annually further taken off free agency. It’s difficult responsible them, even when they’re betting around the player who’s probably worse at this time.

Champion: Serge Ibaka

Oladipo has enhanced continuously as his career went on, but not really much as you may expect an old No. 2 overall pick. However, the growing season-lengthy figures don’t quite show the extent that Oladipo’s career continues to be based on inconsistency. The next charts may help:

Many trades were rumored to become going lower on draft night, but we actually did not learn about that one until after it happened. The Thunder were inside a bet on the National basketball association Finals, and Ibaka is a big area of the team’s plans for a long time, but GM Mike Presti has not been afraid to shake some misconception with an issue.

However, this certainly solutions any residual questions regarding Payton’s role, and most likely helps make the Orlando roster fit better overall. Payton’s insufficient a jumper is simply a killer, and playing him with Oladipo and Aaron Gordon just caused the ground to crunch. Now, the special moment can enjoy Payton with Evan Fournier, Ibaka and Vucevic, plus whether shooter in Mario Hezonja (or perhaps a free agent), or perhaps an expert cutter and transition ace in Gordon. With increased room to function, Payton must have his best season yet.

Loser: Victor Oladipo

There aren’t any lack of possible explanations for Ibaka’s weird regression in the last couple of seasons, however the probably the first is most likely probably the most apparent: His effectiveness dwindled as his role within the offense did. Requested to place up from the ball much more on offense, Ibaka’s shooting percentage and free throw rate collapsed in the last couple of seasons, resulting in his least productive season in a long time. Ibaka averaged just 12.6 points and 6.8 rebounds per game last season. The proportion of his shots from beyond 16 ft rose from 37. percent in 2013-14 to 55.3 % last season, even though Ibaka is definitely an elite jump shooter for any big man, it’s difficult responsible him to be a little from rhythm at occasions in Oklahoma City.


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