However, the treatments will be performed by Dr. John Shieh in the RejuvaYou Hospital situated in South Pasadena, California. The cost tag is $11,000 per treatment, which may have Lilly connected to an IV as stem cells would traverse her nose to achieve her brain.

Lecuyer really wants to try raise enough money so he can acquire the treatments done at least one time annually. He hopes so that you can continue the therapy until it might be obtainable in Canada. Lilly is the best age for that treatment as her mental abilities are still developing and also the treatments could be more advantageous.

“At time everything was normal therefore we were relieved,” he stated, adding her birth was among the most joyful moments in the existence. “She was the tiniest baby I’d ever held.”

Lilly would soon begin work-related therapy and physical rehabilitation, however the late nights would go on for another 3 years.

She plays together with her siblings who, Lecuyer stated, don’t treat her as if she’s an impairment, but instead encourage her to complete her very own things, but do help her when she needs the help.

Lecuyer stated he is at shock as he heard about his daughter’s diagnosis. Never getting learned about cerebral palsy or getting any kind of disabilities in the family, Lecuyer stated he feared for what sort of future Lilly might have.

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