“When I had been moving out I had been really considering running it, after which through a corner of my attention I simply seen Tyrie just running with the back on the little chase publish back this way. It had been a lot like an within the moment factor.”

“I thought Feleipe got the very first lower where it had been marked and that i desired to save (a timeout), in situation we wanted to obtain the field goal on, with an alert lower situation,” McElwain described. “I was type of surprised there we didn’t obtain a measure. Whatever. But the actual way it was, I believe everyone learned that Feleipe can toss the ball a lengthy ways in mid-air.Inches

— SEConCBS (@SEConCBS) September 16, 2017

Franks stated he wasn’t initially considering heaving a Hail Mary lower field. He understood Florida needed a minimum of 25 yards for an opportunity in a game-winning field goal. Also, he understood he didn’t cash time to utilize, though.

“Before the play, I told Feleipe, ‘Give us a chance.’ I checked out him and that he hiked the ball, the corner was pressed inside release and (I) just ran fast,” Cleveland stated.

And, man, did Florida need this.

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Franks was requested what he appreciated thinking because the ball was sailing with the air, his first signature moment like a Gator materializing as all of the orange-and-blue-clad fans within the Swamp held their collective breath.

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