Did I mention that you can craft yourself a bush disguise? I love moments when you spend ages hiding in a bush, only to realize the bush next to you has been an enemy player this entire time. Or times when you’re getting chased down, you turn a corner, and transform into a bush to confuse your assailant—where did you go?? Then, of course, you shotgun them in the face.

Tell me if you’ve ever seen this: there are only ten people or so left in your Fortnite: Battle…

I’ve been playing Fornite for around 40 hours now, and not once have I encountered a problem. If I have a bad time, it’s never technical issues getting in the way—I’m probably just sucking. Battlegrounds, though? I swear, half the time I play something goes wrong. Constant crashes. Rubber banding. Inexplicable hiccups. I know that there’s a fantastic game hiding underneath all these issues, but why should I have to suffer through them when I have an option that works the way it’s supposed to?

Last year, Bluehole expressed concern over how similar Fortnite felt to Battlegrounds. At the time, the worry felt overly cautious: Battle Royale is the hot new thing, and lots of developers are going to take inspiration from it. While I still think Fortnite is enough of its own thing, I’m starting to understand why Bluehole was sweating in the first place.

Bonus reason: You can enjoy all of what I just mentioned….for free. Battlegrounds, meanwhile, costs $29.99.

Battlegrounds has more mechanical complexity than Fortnite, but Fortnite’s additions are inherently more fun. Even when used strategically, crafting is silly in the best way. Getting shot at? Time to put down a wall in a panic. Well, now there’s a makeshift house keeping me safe from an unknown danger. What should I do? How long can I survive here before they tear my walls down?

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