They’re the teams which will have a mile when given one inch, and provide nothing in exchange before the game is performed. They’re players that thrive underneath the pressure of the fifth game, that play their finest while some are hindered by nerves, cowed through the anxiety about creating a mistake.

In another group, however, Red could even happen to be one of the favorites to really make it towards the Playoffs – within the relatively short time because the return of Rhys ‘Rated’ Cost, the squad have proven themselves able to rivaling the best teams on the planet.

It isn’t just leads they threw in the towel either. A round-11 Search and Destroy against eUnited went against them, and getting forced a fifth map from lower -2 against Red, Rise nonetheless lost the series. Invest the outcomes together, and you’ve got a design of the Rise Nation that appear able to everything except crossing the conclusion line.

It’s still at the start of the audience, and former outings have proven much can alter during the period of a weekend, but here’s five from the key tales from the very first day of Group Yellow in Stage Two Global Pro League.

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