Since Bible was in custody, his death is under investigation by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Jail Administration, Homicide and Violent Crimes Detectives and the Texas Rangers. The investigations are ongoing.

On Christmas Day, Bible was taken to Conroe Regional Medical Center.

Bible began experiencing flu-like several days later, and went to see medical personnel in the jail several times between Dec. 23 and Dec. 25.

Rashid was found to be suffering from the influenza A strain, and died a week after being admitted to the hospital.

On Dec. 11, Rashid went to the infirmary several times throughout the day, and by the evening, officials decided he needed to be seen at Conroe Regional Medical Center for evaluation and treatment.

He was moved to ICU on Jan. 4, and died the next day.

Bible, however, reportedly suffered from numerous health issues and told jail officials about this when he was brought into the jail, Henderson said in his press release.

CONROE, TX — Texas’ flu outbreak, which has claimed five lives since November, may have claimed two more this week after two Montgomery County jail inmates who tested positive for flu symptoms, have also died in recent weeks.

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