Experience hold at this time while medics help Reese Phillips from the field. QB lower having a calf injuries.

Phillips put for 381 yards and 4 TDs in Montana’s season-opening win against Valparaiso. He occured to 123 yards passing with no TDs in last weekend’s loss at Washington.

Descriptions on Twitter made Phillips’ injuries seem serious.

This really is bad. This really is bad. Cart coming now. #GrizFB

Reese Phillips continues to be lower in the game for 5 minutes now, initial reports seem like an ankle injuries. Very quiet at this time in WA-Griz pic.twitter.com/x5LSWDw9a7

Crowd went dead silent. Griz QB Reese Phillips goes 13 for 13 passing, now he’s writhing in discomfort around the turf. Looks serious. #mtscores

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