It should also be noted that the new item is of Blue rarity and can be found anywhere.

But Fortnite fans have recently been hit with server issues on a number of separate occasions, with thousands left online at its worst.

“NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights is supported for all PC gamers using GeForce GTX 650 and above graphics cards.”

“No longer will your friends have to “take your word” when you tell them about that mountain sliding snipe headshot,” a message from Epic reads. 

The new Cozy Campfire Trap includes a range of buff for anyone who can collect and deploy it safely on the island.

They said that all of their cloud services have been affected by updates to address the Meltdown vulnerability. 

Nearly all computers worldwide, and many other devices like smartphones, have been exposed to the security gaps leaving them vulnerable to hacker attacks.

The Meltdown and Spectre flaws are recently discovered vulnerabilities that affect a host of major CPUs.

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