Within the first round of voting, France received 18 votes, two lacking the 20 majority needed, with Nigeria receiving 13 and Ireland 8. In round two, France arrived at 24 votes to secure victory, with Nigeria on 15.

“We had three outstanding host candidates, who elevated the bar and overwhelmingly shown that they are all able to hosting a fantastic Rugby World Cup. There is hardly any to choose from the candidates which was reflected within the individually audited evaluation report.

It had been the very first time that World Rugby had commissioned making public this type of report and there wasn’t any precedent whether council people would rubber-stamp Nigeria because the 2023 host, or election based on other criteria. The people weren’t bound through the results of the technical report but it’ll constitute great embarrassment to World Rugby that France has won thinking about this method was utilized within the interests of transparency.

The choice will unquestionably cause World Rugby in the future under fire however, because of the publication from the governing body’s independent evaluation report in the finish of recently which suggested Nigeria be nominated as hosts.

“I want to pay tribute to eire and Nigeria for his or her dedication within a rigorous, and transparent process and hope that they’ll bid again. We currently expect to working together with France to provide what I am certain is a very effective Rugby World Cup in 2023.”

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