Clare Bain even made relatives take her to fake chemotherapy appointments. She stole the majority of the money from her father-in-law more than a four-year period after she ‘cruelly abused’ trust he’d put into her as they was grieving for his wife, who’d died from cancer.

John Mellett requested her concerning the profit May, 2016 and she or he told him she’d pay him £10,000 and were able to trick him into thinking she’d almost £39,000 in her own account.

Bain also stated she’d an insurance plan on her behalf existence worth £90,000.

In December, 2015 Bain, together with her husband as well as their three children were evicted using their Bolton home.

He went home and faced Bain but she denied any wrongdoing.

Nick Ross, protecting Bain, stated she was of impeccable character before this offence and she or he was ashamed in what she’d done.

She said excitedly she was due compensation of £230,000 as well as informed her husband Ian that they only had three several weeks to reside.

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