Besides he lead they, but he’s greater than two times as numerous yards as Florida’s next-best rusher, sophomore Lamical Perine (148).

That’s projecting a great deal, though.

Across the country, he ranks 4th among first-year freshmen rushers behind Ohio State’s J.K. Dobbins (573 yards), Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor (518) and Baylor’s John Lovett (321).

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On Saturday, he grew to become the only real first-year newcomer to hurry for just two touchdowns inside a game this year. He presently ranks eleventh within the conference in hurrying and tops among first-year players, using the next nearest being Texas A&ampM quarterback Kellen Mond (252 hurrying yards, 16th within the SEC) and Arkansas running back Chase Hayden (246 yards, 18th).

Through four games, Davis leads the Gators with 319 hurrying yards while his 7.4 yards-per-carry average ranks twelfth across the country.

Not just would be the figures impressive by measure, but Davis has compiled individuals stats despite totaling just 5 carries with the first couple of games.

Florida hasn’t were built with a first-year newcomer lead they in hurrying for a whole season because the great Fred Taylor accomplished it in 1994, as he rushed for 873 yards and eight touchdowns in 171 attempts. Meanwhile, the Gators haven’t were built with a first-year newcomer hurry for 1,000 yards since Pro Football Hall of Fame rusher Emmitt Cruz rumbled for 1,341 yards later.

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