Inside a shocking announcement on Friday, Samsung Electronics Chief executive officer and Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun stated he intends to step lower from management, tossing the tech firm much deeper right into a leadership crisis. This news may come as Kwon, effectively Samsung’s Number Two behind embattled heir Jay Y. Lee, was expected to defend myself against a bigger role as Lee is constantly on the fight a bribery charge within the South Korean courts.

You’ll think it is within “time.”


View it?

When the quotes around “time” wasn’t enough allow it away, be aware of times that Apple has within the top left corner of every iPhone X. It’s the conventional 9:41 that you simply see on all their ads. Now consider the bigger time stamp around the lock screen on the telephone farthest left.

[h/t The Following Web for pointing this out]

In the statement, Kwon stated that arrived for the organization to “start once again with new spirit and youthful leadership.”

So how exactly does which happen? And just how could it be still on their website such as this?

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