And it is impossible to not consider all this without also considering Daenerys Targaryen. If Rhaegar is Jon’s father, then Jon and Dany are aunt and nephew, as strange as that’s to look at. With Dany near landing in Westeros, could they finish as rivals towards the Iron Thorne? Incest-y enthusiasts? Both?

He’s a bastard forget about! Bet on Thrones confirmed a significant fan theory Sunday night, finally revealing (the vast majority of) Jon Snow’s real parentage.

Inside a lengthy-anticipated sequence, Bran Stark ongoing his flashback to some key event during Robert’s Rebellion in the Tower of Pleasure in Dorne. There, Youthful Ned Stark just defeated the double-sword-carrying Ser Arthur Dayne, and Bran adopted his father up in to the tower. Ned discovered his sister Lyanna dying inside a bloody bed. Lyanna was either kidnapped by Prince Rhaegar Tagaryen or eloped with him, based on who in Westeros you may well ask (the Starks and Robert say kidnapped, but Littlefinger once smirked at this description, and Ser Barristan recognized Rhaegar as “the finest man I ever met”). In either case, Rhaegar’s actions caused a civil war.

But Sunday’s finale, “The Winds of Winter,” put into the storyplot inside a huge way.

So Jon Snow may be the boy of the Stark and sure a Targaryen too. He was created from wedlock, presumably, since Rhaegar had been married, but nobility still (you could argue, as some do below, that he’s still a bastard, but when he is able to claim the surname Targaryen, then I think it’s a debatable point). Before, Jon Snow has not been remotely within the running for that Iron Throne. However that he’s also loopholed his way to avoid it of his Night’s Watch pledge by dying, which he’s likely half Targaryen and half Stark, he’s got a significant claim that they can the spiky chair in King’s Landing. Jon Snow has become liberated to pursue his true future — despite the fact that they know nothing yet about his true parentage. Meanwhile, Snow also stated Winterfell and grew to become the King within the North, that is ironic as this new thought implies that while he’s a contender for that Iron Throne, he does not have as great of the claim that they can Winterfell as everyone thought.

Ned finds Lyanna had just created a brown-eyed baby — Jon Snow. In the very start of books and also the show, we’ve learned Snow is Ned Stark’s illegitimate boy, created throughout a random hook-up throughout the Rebellion. Even Ned’s wife Catelyn thought this, and strongly resented Jon due the unfaithfulness he symbolized. Now we learn Jon Snow’s father wasn’t Ned (presumably it’s Rhaegar) and the mother was, actually, Ned Stark’s sister. She whispered something in Ned’s ear – we don’t hear what it’s – after which her immortal line, “Promise me, Ned…”

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The only real potential wrinkle towards the theory is the fact that we’re not clearly told Rhaegar may be the father. We’re presuming he’s: It can make lots of sense, and there has been some winks within this direction in the past episodes, as you will see within the video below. (It might be funny if the lengthy-anticipated scene responding to the issue of “who is Jon Snow’s mother?” just spawned another mystery of “so wait — who’s Jon Snow’s father?”)

We assume she’s asking Ned to boost the kid and his lineage a secret. Considering that Robert Baratheon was on the pursuit to eliminate Targaryens, if Lyanna’s child’s father is half-Targaryen, she’d want her child’s true parentage hidden to safeguard him. (Fun fact: Properly speculating the identity of Jon Snow’s mother was famously one way that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss convinced George R.R. Martin to allow them adapt his books into an Cinemax series.)

Now, finally R+L = J (or, at the minimum, x+L = J).

Below, an admirer stitched together an extremely well-edited collection of all of the previous references meaning at Jon Snow’s parentage. One key beat happens when Ned states goodbye to Jon Snow, he doesn’t make reference to themself as Snow’s father, but instead: “You really are a Stark. You will possibly not have my name, however, you have my bloodstream.”

This publish features a significant reveal from Sunday’s Bet on Thrones episode, “The Winds of Winter”

That much has lengthy been backstory canon from George R.R. Martin’s books.

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