It was the moment that changed ‘Game of Thrones’ as we know it. An epic flashback confirmed the show’s biggest fan theory. Rewatch the scene that everyone’s talking about now!

She whispers something in his ear. Parts of what she says can’t be heard, but we do hear Lyanna say: “If father finds out about him, he’ll kill him. You know he will. You have to protect him. Promise me, Ned. Promise me.”

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With Jon Snow being Lyanna’s son, that means Jon is a true Stark, not the bastard he always thought he was. If Rhaegar is his father — let’s face it, he is — Jon Snow is a true Targaryen and the son of the Prince of Dragonstone. Jon Snow now holds more power than he ever thought possible.

Game of Thrones finally returned to the Tower of Joy in the season 6 finale to reveal one major plot point that left everyone speechless. The true story of Jon Snow’s origin was unveiled, and the scene was better than we could have ever imagined. Watch it again now!

That’s when one of Lyanna’s maids hands him a baby. Lyanna keeps begging Ned to promise her that he’ll protect her child. Ned looks into the baby’s eyes, and the scene flashes Jon Snow’s face across the screen.

Yes, Lyanna Stark is Jon Snow’s mother. While Rhaegar Targaryen isn’t explicitly named as the father of Jon Snow, it’s definitely implied. After all, Lyanna was “kidnapped” by Rhaegar, but many believed they were really in love. This reveal is likely being saved for later. The R+L=J theory is all but confirmed now.

Bran returns to the Tower of Joy right where he left off. After hearing Lyanna scream, young Ned runs inside the Tower to find her. She’s covered in blood. Despite Ned’s worry, she doesn’t want him to do anything but lean closer to her.

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